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Powerful features for serious language learners

Learning a language is a marathon. Let Langliter help you make progress every day!

Smart Reader

Langliter's smart news and eBook reader intelligently recognizes words you are studying and can highlight words based on part-of-speech

Intelligent Flashcards

Study more efficiently with Langliter's SRS system which adapts to your needs

Offline Support

Langliter works completely offline. Read saved articles and books, study your vocab and even lookup words using the onboard offline dictionary

Push past the intermediate plateau

How is Langliter different?

Most assisted reading apps ignore grammar. Langliter is smarter. It can recognize words you are studying regardless of the form they take. It also knows the part-of-speech of every word.

How does it work?

Langliter analyzes all articles and books before they are delivered to you. This analysis enables many of the advanced features present in Langliter.

Who should use Langliter?

Anyone who has reached basic literacy in a language and still wants to make progress. Langliter is built to be used anywhere and to enable extremely efficient study sessions. Don't let your busy life keep you from reaching your goals!



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What people are saying

People from all over the world are using Langliter to master languages

Love the app... Next week my prof is giving me 5 minutes at the start of the lecture to share this cool app with the class
Anica J
It's nice to see more tools out there for advanced language learners. I especially am happy to see that this app adds the Lemma of the new vocabulary to the spaced-repetition flashcards rather than the particular form it appears in on the page. That has taken up a lot of my time with other similar apps.
Josh L
I just spent the afternoon reading tech news in Portuguese, thanks! Really well designed and useful!
Brian B
Language Program Coordinator

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