Common Questions

What is Langliter?

Langliter is a newsreader with a number of tools to make learning another language simpler.

What is a lemma?

Lemma refers to the form of the word you would look up in the dictionary. For example, a lemma can be a verb in the infinitive like “to run” instead of “ran”. Another example would be nouns, where you would look up “chair” instead of “chairs” in the dictionary. Studying lemmas is much more efficient because deriving a word form simply requires applying grammar rules.

What makes Langliter different?

Langliter understands some basic grammar of the languages it supports. It can highlight words based on their grammatical attributes (for example showing all past tense subjunctive verbs in red). It also builds your vocabulary list using a word’s lemma, which if you’re not a linguist just means Langliter isn’t fooled by verb conjugations or words changing form to agree with number or gender. Check out the home page for a more detailed list of features.

I just started learning language X, is Langliter right for me?

Langliter can be useful at any level, because it makes it easier to find content and build your vocabulary. However, most of the learning is self-guided, so if you are a beginner, it is recommended you use Langliter alongside a structured course. Services like Verbling and italki are great resources if you’re not currently enrolled in a formal class.

What Languages do you support?


Navigation languages are the primary language which a user already knows. Instructions and translations are given in the navigation language. Study languages are the languages Langliter helps you learn. More languages will be added in the near future.

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I have a great idea for a feature, who do I talk to?

Shoot us an email at features@langliter.com, and we’d be happy to review it. We’re a small team, so please give us some time to get back to you :-) .

How do I cancel my Langliter Pro account?

All payments are managed through Apple and Google Play respectively. Apple users can follow this link to learn how to cancel a subscription with Apple. Android users can follow this link to learn how to cancel a subscription with Google Play. Deleting the app or your account directly through Langliter will not cancel your subscription.

I think Langliter’s classification for a word is incorrect, how accurate is Langliter?

Langliter’s approach to enriching articles with part of speech data is not perfect, but typically achieves 95%+ accuracy. You’re most likely to notice misclassifications for foreign words, like English words in Spanish articles, or for words whose subjunctive form overlaps with the indicative form of a similar word, such as ceer and crear in Spanish.

Can I read books or upload my own content to Langliter?

That would be pretty cool! Uploading your own articles is something we will probably implement as a Pro feature eventually.

Can I export my words in an Anki compatible format?

Currently the Langliter Pro export feature only exports the word, abreviated part of speech, translation, native definition and sentence, all of which can be used to build a deck in Anki. Exporting vocabulary with ease scores and scheduling data that Anki can also make use of is currently not supported. Though similiar to the variant of the SM2 algorithim Anki uses, Langliter uses a different spaced repetition algorithm. Langliter prioritizes shorter sessions of a fixed quantity of words to make study time more predictable. We feel predictable study time is a default that makes it easier to study each day.